About Eiko & Philips

EiKO is the most popular bulb/lamp manufacturer that you've never heard of, but most likely have used. Thousands of automotive repair shops, car dealer service departments, quick oil change shops, etc. use EiKO as their primary replacement automotive bulb supplier. EiKO manufacturers the professional-grade bulbs and lamps that automotive repair professionals rely on.

At the service/repair level of the automotive industry, only two things matter: reliability and price. Reliability and price is what drives the sales and success of EiKO - not cleaver product names, fancy marketing/advertising or impressive packaging. Automotive Service Repair Shops install EiKO because they know the bulb/lamp will perform well and keep their customers happy and satisfied.

How can EiKO offer a superior product with superior engineering, design, specifications, materials, performance and service life compared to other "household" brands? No expensive marketing and advertising - just the highest quality bulbs/lamps available. Insiders have known about EiKO for years - and now our customers know.

Bulbs and lamps are EiKO’s business. Since 1978 EiKO has been providing quality, premium lighting in the automotive, industrial, electrical, electronic, audio/video, photographic and health care industries. With offices located in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Korea and Taiwan, EiKO is a worldwide supplier. EiKO's headquarters and main warehouse is located in Kansas City with other warehouses in Reno, New Jersey, Dallas, Chicago and Orlando.

About Philips

Philips has been manufacturing bulbs and lamps since 1891. We selected Philips as our HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp supplier. When it comes to replacement HID, Philips is one of two manufacturers who are certified to manufacture Genuine OE Replacement HID automotive bulbs/lamps - Philips is the "real deal" in a product category filled with poorly manufactured "imposters" that have a multitude of perfomance, quality and service life issues. All of our replacement HID lamps are German manufactured Philips Xenon HID. For more information on Philips, please visit: Philips USA Website