About Wipers123 / Headlights123

Background & History

Wipers123.com was built in 2008 as a "wipers for dummies" concept and launched in 2009 as an online wiper blade superstore with the mission to be the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to lookup size and buy correct-fit, easy-installing replacement windshield wiper blades for nearly any vehicle. It didn't take long for us to find out that not only "dummies" wanted a faster, easier and more accurate way to purchase wiper blades - we discovered that "car nuts" quickly became the core of our customer base; most of which who maintain multiple family vehicles. After collecting customer feedback for about a year and constantly tweaking Wipers123 to match our customers' needs exactly, we launched our second store Headlights123.com.

In 2011 Headlights123.com launched as the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to find the correct automotive light bulb numbers for nearly any vehicle - both on-the-road cars and trucks as well as off-road powersports vehicles. Headlights123 was built using the perfected version of Wipers123: Enter the vehicle year, make and model and then simply display only the bulbs that fit that vehicle presented in a best, better, good & specialty format.

In 2014 we've combined both websites into a "one-stop shop" for wipers and bulbs which are often purchased together. Building on the vast experience we've gained since 2008, the new Wipers123 / Headlights123 continues to be the fastest and easiest way to lookup and buy replacement and upgrade windshield wiper blades and automotive light bulbs - all in one place. Our new website also navigates more robustly on today's smart phones and tablets as well as Apple products.

Wipers123 / Headlights123 is family owned and operated out of the greater Milwaukee Wisconsin area. 8020 Worldwide LLC is our wholesale division supplying wiper blades, wiper products and automotive light bulbs in bulk to service repair shops, automotive dealers, RV dealers, auto parts stores and corporate passenger vehicle fleets, heavy duty truck fleets, school bus fleets and transit bus fleets.

The Advantages & Benefits Of Wipers123 / Headlights123

  • Fast! We make your wiper and/or bulb purchase about a 5 minute process, which is 92% faster than a trip to the store that may take an hour (on average).

  • You’re Already At Our Store! Most vehicle owners are already on their computer daily at work and/or at home and most vehicle owners have a smart phone – it takes only seconds to visit us, fuel cost is zero, there's always a choice that is in stock, and there's no lines.

  • We Only Do Two Things! Once most websites know what vehicle you're shopping for, their goal is to try to sell you almost any more profitable part or accessory for your vehicle than low-profit wiper blades and light bulbs. We are specifically designed for looking up and buying replacement wipers and/or bulbs - period. No need to click through various “departments” or “product categories” on our website to what you specifically came for – simply enter the vehicle information on virtually any page of our site and click "Lookup Wipers" or "Lookup Bulbs". Done.

  • We Make Your Decision Easier! After searching, we only display the wiper blades or bulbs that fit your specific vehicle, and they are displayed in an easy-to-shop best, better, good and specialty format. Vehicle owners are not bombarded by hundreds of randomly-organized choices and an overload of decisions.

  • Convenient! Your products are delivered right to your door with better-than industry speed (we're known for our same day order processing and shipping).

  • Procrastination: GONE! Never remember to replace your windshield wipers again! …Thus never forget - or procrastinate - again! Our customers take advantage of our inspection reminders so they can inspect and replace their wipers before its too late and bulbs before you get pulled over with a bulb out.

  • No Spam Or Massive Amounts Of Marketing! We only send out a handful of emails annually (usually much less than 12) and will NOT fill-up your inbox with daily and weekly promotions.