Bulb Buyers Beware!

There are few regulations/standards regarding the engineering, manufacturing, marketing and advertising of automotive bulbs - especially HID lamps and upgrade halogen bulbs such as Xenon halogens. Below is a list of important points to be aware of when shopping for automotive lighting:

  • "Cool" Company and Product Names Do Not Necessarily Equate To Product Quality & Performance - Look past the "cool" company and product name and always research the materials and specifications of the bulbs/lamps.

  • "Sleek" Packaging Does Not Necessarily Equate To Product Quality & Performance - Make sure you're getting a quality product; not just a quality package. Again, make sure the product is manufactured with quality materials and look for published specifications.

  • Watch Out For "Knockoffs" - There's a difference between products that are soundly-engineered yet manufactured offshore, verses products that are simply "offshore knockoffs". Be sure to go with a brand that invests in research, development and engineering no matter where the final manufacturing is done.

  • Advertising & Marketing Does Not Necessarily Equate To Quality & Performance - Unfortunately, some of the most highly advertised automotive lighting companies and products - especially in the HID and Xenon categories - lack in quality and performance as compared to solidly-engineered, researched & developed and lesser-advertised automotive lighting products.

  • Are The Bulbs/Lamps DOT Approved & Street Legal, Or Are They A Traffic Ticket Waiting To Happen? - The laws on automotive lighting are fairly standard across the USA. Some companies do not want to invest the time and money to receive DOT approval (or they already know they won't pass) - be sure to look for DOT approval ensuring they are street legal.

  • Do The Bulbs/Lamps Meet And/Or Exceed OE Specifications? - Genuine OE bulbs/lamps are as good or better than the original bulbs/lamps that came with your vehicle. If you'd like to ensure quality materials, engineering, manufacturing, performance and service life, be sure to look for bulbs/lamps that "Meet or Exceed OE Specifications". This is extremely important with HID Lamps - See our HID - OE Xenon HID page for more information.

  • Be Extra Careful When Shopping/Purchasing "Xenon" Bulbs/Lamps - Unfortunately, companies who manufacture with only a trace of Xenon gas can still advertise and market the bulb/lamp as "Xenon". Note that most Xenon Bulbs/Lamps contain considerably less Xenon gas than the 75% that our EiKO SWTX Superwhite True Xenon bulbs contain. Trace amounts of Xenon does little to improve performance and will typically lead to increased failure and shorter service life - See our Xenon Upgrade Halogen page for more information.

  • If The Price Seems Too Good To Be True; It's Probably Too Good To Be True - If you are shopping and see some products that are substantially lower-priced than the others, be sure to go through the list of points above. Most likely, once you research these oddly-low-priced bulbs/lamps, you'll either find no information/specifications, or you'll find incongruencies with many/most of the points above.

We work extremely hard to partner with suppliers whose products are top-quality. All of our automotive lighting is manufactured by companies with proven track records. We select companies/products that are committed to research, development, engineering, and use quality materials, as well as invest the time and money into DOT Approval. Our Philips Xenon HID, EiKO ClearVision Supreme Solux and EiKO SWTX Xenon bulbs/lamps all meet or exceed OE specifications. Our suppliers do not invest in massive amounts of marketing, advertising, or product packaging - which keeps prices low. They've built their companies and product reputations on quality and performance, and are trusted by more automotive service repair shops than any of the highly advertised popular brands. When you purchase from us, in most cases you're purchasing the same bulbs/lamps service professionals install at service shops, which gives our customers piece of mind and ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.