Beam Blade Wipers Vs Standard Wipers

What are beam blade wiper blades? Why are beam blades considered better than standard conventional windshield wiper blades? What are the features, benefits and advanced technologies engineered into beam blades?

Beam blade wiper blades (also called bracketless wipers, flat wipers, spineless wipers, frameless wipers) first appeared as standard equipment on new vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW & Volvo beginning in 2000 and have steadily increased in popularity since. Due to the many features, benefits and technologies listed below, beam blades represent the latest in windshield wiper technology.

Beam Blades Vs. Standard Conventional Blades

  • Increasing as original standard equipment Vs. Decreasing as OE on new vehicles

  • Less moving & breakable parts Vs. Multiple moving parts

  • Frame concealed from snow & ice Vs. Frame exposed resulting in clogging & damage

  • Lower profile (more out-of-view & avoids damage) Vs. Taller profile

  • Aerodynamic with less wind-lift Vs. Catches wind resulting in wind-lift

  • Built-in wind spoiler increases contact Vs. Exposed frame catching wind decreasing contact

  • Infinite pressure points & uniform contact Vs. 4-8 pressure points

  • Lighter weight Vs. Relatively heavy

  • Modern & contemporary design Vs. Standard Conventional appearance

If budget allows, we highly recommend beam blades (NeoForm, Tech and/or Ice). Keep in mind that if your vehicle is model year 2000 or newer, standard wiper blades may actually be a downgrade from the original equipment wipers. Go with beam blades!


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