Upgrade Halogens - EiKO Clear Vision Supreme Halogen w/Solux Technology

EiKO Clear Vision Supreme upgrade halogen bulbs are our brightest and whitest upgrade halogens. EiKO's exclusive and patented Solux technology produces the best simulation of natural daylight, the brightest light, and the longest beam of any DOT compliant bulb on the market today. Up to 80% brighter, up to 50% whiter (~4100k vs. 3100k standard OE color temperature) and 100% street legal. If you are looking for the closest upgrade to HID without using risky conversion kits, Clear Vision Supreme with Solux technology is the closest to HID available. They do NOT require a conversion kit and they plug right into the existing halogen wiring harnesses and lens housings.

Please note that there is a tradeoff between the additional brightness upgrade halogens produce and the life expectancy of the bulbs. Upgrade bulb life will be shorter than standard OE replacement bulbs and will vary from approximately 6 months to 2 years based on vehicle type (alternator voltage), warmer vs colder climates, and light usage habits (used all the time vs. used only at night).

Most Solux upgrades are sold in pairs, however some are sold in 1-Paks. To ensure balanced brightness and whiteness, its recommended to replace in pairs. If the vehicle has fog lights as well as separate low-beam and high-beam headlights, its recommended to replace all six bulbs for color and bightness-match.

Available in 9005, 9006, H755, H1155, 9004, 9007, 9003, 880, 9008, 881, 893, 899, 889, H11B, 885, 894, 896, H155 & H355. Part numbers 9005CVSU2, 9006CVSU2, H755CVSU2, H1155CVSU2, 9004CVSU2, 9007CVSU2, 9003/H4CVSU2, 9003/H4CVXL2, 880CVSU-BP, 9008CVSU-BP, 881CVSU-BP, 893CVSU-BP, 899CVSU-BP, 889CVSU-BP, H11BCVSU-BP, 885CVSU-BP, 894CVSU-BP, 896CVSU-BP, H155CVSU2, H355CVSU2.

Note: Many customers come to us researching HID conversion kits for their non-HID vehicle. Halogen-to-HID Headlight conversion kits are readily available, however there is a high risk of wiring problems, electrical draw issues, installation issues and performance shortfalls. Due to these risks, many customers choose upgrade halogen bulbs which are "plug and play" and do not require a kit yet produce additional brightness and whiteness.


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