Upgrade Halogens - EiKO SWTX Xenon Halogen

Looking for brightness and whiteness closer to HID without using risky conversion kits? EiKO Superwhite True Xenon Halogens (SWTX) are one of two "plug and play" upgrade options we offer which do NOT require kits. Xenon upgrade halogens are an easy and inexpensive upgrade option - they are manufactured with the same high-performance Xenon Gas that HID bulbs use, yet plug right into the existing wiring harnesses and lens housings. Xenon upgrade halogens are also the best combination of additional brightness and bulb life.

  • Brighter & Whiter With 30% More Light On The Road: The key to producing brighter & whiter light is the ability to overdrive the filament. Xenon (pronounced zenon) is an extremely heavy gas that acts as a stabilizing "coolant" for the bulb filament. SWTX bulbs are manufactured with 75% Xenon - one of the highest concentrations on the market today.**

  • Super-Strong Blue Quartz Glass: SWTX is engineered with super-strong blue quartz glass to better manage heat and pressure which extends bulb service life.**

  • SuperWhite Coating: Enhances light, making it whiter without substantially filtering out the volume of light on the road like the filters or masks on many other competitive white and blue bulbs.

  • Easy, Plug & Play Installation: Upgrading to SWTX does not require the purchase of a kit; they plug right into the existing wiring harnesses and fit your original lens housings. They install exactly the same as your original equipment bulbs.

  • DOT Approved & Street Legal: SWTX pushes the limits of the law, but remains within it; they are DOT-compliant and street legal.

Xenon upgrades are sold individually in 1-paks, however to ensure balanced brightness and whiteness, its recommended to replace in pairs. If the vehicle has fog lights as well as separate low-beam and high-beam headlights, its recommended to replace all six bulbs for color and bightness-match.

Available in 9003, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007 & H755. Part numbers 9003SWTX, 9004SWTX, 9005SWTX, 9006SWTX, 9007SWTX & H755SWTX.

**There are few regulations regarding the marketing and advertising of Xenon bulbs. Unfortunately, many of the most heavily advertised and most popular "Xenon bulbs" only have small traces of Xenon gas and are manufactured with standard glass which leads to shorter service life and premature failure. SWTX has 75% Xenon gas and super-strong Blue Quartz glass which delivers superior performance, yet long-life similar to OE bulbs. Always check specifications before purchasing Xenon automotive bulbs.


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