How To Replace Bulbs

Below are useful tips on how to replace automotive light bulbs. When changing or replacing automotive light bulbs, every vehicle has different procedures specific to your year, make and model of vehicle.

  1. Consult Your Vehicle Owner's Manual: As simple as this sounds, your owner’s manual is the first place you should look for the service procedure to change bulbs on your vehicle. Check the owner's manual before taking any other steps since it is year, make and model specific. If you do not have an owner's manual, Google: "[year] [make] [model] owners manual" to see if you can find one online. (Example Google Search: 2009 chevrolet cobalt owners manual)

  2. Online Videos: Search Youtube for "how to change headlight bulb video" or "how to change fog light video" or "how to change tail light bulb video" (etc.) also including the make, model and year of the vehicle. In many cases, these videos, when used in combination with your owner's manual, will make the bulb-changing task much easier. (Example Youtube Search: how to change headlight bulb 2009 chevrolet cobalt)

  3. Search For Tips On Online Automotive Forums: Virtually every make and model of vehicle has an online forum (also commonly called chat board, discussion board, community, etc.). Google: "[make] [model] forums". Once on the forum, search "change headlight", "change foglight", etc. Most likely you will find a discussion with detailed instructions, pictures, as well as common sense tips. (Example Google Search: chevrolet colbalt forums)

  4. Online Factory Service Repair Manuals: Every year and/or generation of vehicle make/model also has a "Factory Service Repair Manual" that automotive repair professionals have access to. These manuals have considerably more detailed service procedures than owner's manuals. Although in most cases you must purchase this detailed manual, they often are available online. Simply Google: "[year] [make] [model] factory service repair manual". These manuals are usually highly detailed and include tips and tricks the owner's manual does not include. (Example Google Search: 2009 chevrolet cobalt factory service repair manual)