How To Change Wiper Blades - Tips

Note: Most wiper blades simply snap off and on, do not require any tools, and take about 5-15 minutes to replace. Your new wiper blades come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step, illustrated instructions and wiper blade installation videos are provided at the bottom of our website.

Tip: We highly recommend getting your wipers out of the package and in your hands while viewing the videos and going through the instructions. Studying installation instructions can create confusion and anxiety that can be avoided by simply looking at, and getting the wipers in your hands.

  1. Replace wipers BEFORE bad weather and dangerous conditions forces you to replace them. Ideally, wipers should be replaced as part of regular vehicle maintenance and when the task can be completed in a relaxed and non-urgent manner rather than during a rain or snow storm.

  2. Purchase the CORRECT replacement wiper blades. Nowadays, you have to be more aware of attachment since there's over 15 types of common wiper arm attachments. Our "Smart Lookup System" is 99% accurate by matching not only wiper lengt, but wiper attachment as well.

  3. When your wipers arrive, watch the installation videos below. Before viewing, we recommend taking a picture of your wiper arms where they attach to the wiper blades - this will help you select the correct videos to view. We also recommend taking the wiper blades out of their package and get them in your hands while viewing the videos.

  4. Go outside to your vehicle! Reading instructions, viewing videos, and pre-educating yourself is good, but nothing is better than having your vehicle in front of you and your wipers in-hand as you go through the step-by-step instructions.

  5. Optional But Recommended - Clean Your Windows: Since you've committed the time and attention to increasing vision and safety, now is a great time to give your windows a thorough cleaning. Scrub your windows, removing all debris. Your windows should be smooth to the touch which improves wiper performance drastically.

  6. Optional But Recommended - Treat Your Glass: After cleaning your glass, We highly recommend applying Trico View glass treatment which improves the effectiveness of wiper blades drastically. More information is provided at the bottom of our website and automatically during checkout.

  7. Additional Installation Resources: Your Vehicle's Owner's Manual


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