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Simply looking for a direct replacement automotive light bulb? OE Replacement Automotive Bulbs are exactly what you're looking for. Why is the "OE" (Original Equipment) designation so important? Its because automotive lighting operates in extremely abusive environments. Thus, vehicle manufacturers specify and install bulbs with specific requirements. The OE designation ensures that replacement bulbs will be manufactured with quality-materials, have proper design and specifications, and comparable durability as the original bulbs. It also ensures a similar light color and brightness to factory installed.** Eiko OE replacement halogen Bulbs meet or exceed all OE specifications and are DOT compliant.

**Produce similar light color and brightness to your vehicle's original bulbs when they were new. All bulbs lose brightness and change in color over time which means color and brightness match may vary. We recommend replacing in pairs to maintain balanced color and brightness on both the left and right sides of the vehicle.

Looking for a whiter, brighter light than your original bulbs? Check out our Xenon Upgrade Halogens and our Solux Upgrade Halogens which deliver up 30%-80% more brightness and 30%-50% more whiteness.


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