Wiper Replacement Periods

Wiper blades perform under extreme conditions that vary across the USA & Canada from season to season. This combined with the age of the vehicle, condition of the windshield glass, and whether the how the vehicle is stored indoors or outdoors the majority of the time makes recommending replacement periods a moving target.

Top 5 factors that affect wiper blade life:

  1. 1. Direct sunlight
  2. 2. Dry heat
  3. 3. Worn & abraisive windshield glass on high mileage vehicles
  4. 4. Winter ice, snow & sub-freezing temperatures
  5. 5. Amount of wiper use (number of cycles or swipes)

Although the leading consumer reporting organization and wiper manufacturers recommend that wiper blades be replaced every 6 months - usually in fall and spring - the effective life of wiper blades can be as little as 3 months or as long as 12+ months.

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