SmartSet Pair Wiper Blade Packs


We have been hiding in the lab designing one of the greatest scientific advancements known to mankind. Muahahahaha!!! OK... maybe not all mankind, but it's a big deal for the wiper blade industry. Traditionally, you have had to choose your driver and passenger side separately when buying wiper blades. And if you've ever bought the wrong sized wipers, we feel your frustration. That's why we've created one of a kind, frustration-free SmartSet wiper blade pack. Both blades in one pack - easy, smart, and convenient. Woohoo!!!

Three SmartSet Pair Packs to Choose From

TRICO SmartSet Monsoon

TRICO SmartSet™ Monsoon

Made in the good ol' U.S.A., TRICO SmartSet Monsoon Pair Packs are designed for the driver looking for high-performance wiper blades that stand up to the worst mother nature has to offer. Each pack is equipped with a driver side and passenger side blade that harnesses the power of wind for maximum windshield contact.

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TRICO SmartSet Storm

TRICO SmartSet™ Storm

Treat your ride right with TRICO SmartSet Storm wiper blades. Each pack contains one driver side and one passenger side wiper blade that have been tested for all weather conditions. Equipped with Memory Curve Steel that forms to any curved windshield, you're sure to have clear views ahead.

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TRICO SmartSet Tundra Winter Blades

TRICO SmartSet™ Tundra

Snow, ice, or off-road adventure on your mind? Look no further than the TRICO SmartSet Tundra winter wiper blades. Each pack comes with one driver side and one passenger side wiper blade that are dressed for the most extreme weather conditions. Durable metal frame for increased durability and strength.

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SmartSet Pair Packs from Wipers123