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The only 10-second wiper blade install.

SpeedSet™ Typhoon features QuickClick technology, 2 wiper blades, and lasts 3 x’s longer than the average wiper blade. They're on in 1-2-3!

Yeah. We said 10 seconds.

QUICK and EASY Installation – installs in 10 seconds or less, 30 seconds if you're having a bad hair day.

A perfect fit. Right out of the box.

Our connection system features QuickClick technology for the easiest installation of a wiper blade, ever. Typhoon is so easy to install, you don’t even need to read the directions… but, you like, should.

SpeedSet wiper blade fits all theses connections


3/16” Side Lock

Large Hook (9x4)

Small Hook (9x3)

1/4” Side Lock

Pinch tab

Push Button Narrow (19 mm)

Side Pin Long (22 mm)

Pinch Tab Button

Push Button Wide (22 mm)

Push Button FZ

The clearest windshield you’ve ever seen.

Our Typhoon wipers are all-weather premium beam blades that are made right here in the U.S. of A. Premium quality with the endurance of 3 times the average wiper. And absolutely NO streaking, at least not with the wipers. What you do in your personal life is none of our business.


Quick and easy installation – installs in 10 seconds or less.

Straight from the box and onto your car. No hassle!

Premium extended life beam blade engineered with 3 times the endurance.

Easy removal.

Designed for maximum vehicle coverage.

100% made in the good 'ol USA.

Don’t take it from us, just read what people who actually tested our SpeedSet had to say.

“So simple!”

“Clip it on and you’re done.”


“You can do this yourself.”

“It can’t get any easier than that.”


Get your SpeedSet Typhoon wipers today!

What are you waiting for? In the time you're taking to read this, you could have installed a SpeedSet wiper blade. Unless you're a speed reader. Either way, you've reached the end of our SpeedSet story. Start shopping already.

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