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TRICO SmartSet™ Storm Wiper Blades - 25" + 25"

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2 blades, 1 pack. These beam blades are made out of quality materials and engineered to stick to your modern, curved windshields like bees on honey. Sold in a set that includes a driver and passenger side blade, the TRICO SmartSet™ Storm is a high-performance blade that won't break the bank. Memory curve steel conforms to the curve of your windshield resulting in crystal clear, streak-free clean in all weather conditions. All of our SmartSets come with two wipers that are customized for your ride. We hand-assemble our SmartSets to ensure the correct adaptor comes to you already installed on each wiper blade. This allows for a much easier installation process for our customers. Now that's what we call easy, smart, and convenient. WooHoo!
Brand TRICO SmartSet™ Storm
Connection Type Push Button (22mm), Pinch Tab
  • High quality TRICO design and manufacturing.
  • Includes driver side and passenger side blades fit specifically for your ride.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Conforms to highly curved modern windshields and delivers infinite pressure points for the clearest view.
Description TRICO SmartSet™ Storm (SS16-2525-15)
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