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TRICO SmartSet™ Monsoon Wiper Blades - 17" + 16"

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TRICO SmartSet™ Monsoon are American made, premium beam blades that are built for high performance in all weather conditions. TRICO’s patented Vortec™ technology utilizes wind-force to ensure maximum windshield wiper contact allowing for maximum visibility. If you like the best the market has to offer, this is the blade for you. All of our SmartSets® come with two wipers that are customized for your ride. We hand-assemble our SmartSets to ensure the correct adaptor comes to you already installed on each wiper blade. This allows for a much easier installation process for our customers. Now that's what we call easy, smart, and convenient. WooHoo!
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Connection Type Hook, Side Lock, Bayonet
  • High-performance beam blade engineered by TRICO.
  • All weather, made in the USA.
  • SwiftEasy™ connection technology makes this blade simple to install.
  • Vortec aerofoil converts wind force for maximum windshield contact and clears the glass at every speed.
  • Exclusive twin point coupler technology provides more consistent pressure over life of the wiper blade.
Description TRICO SmartSet™ Monsoon (SS13-1716)
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