Trico View Glass Treatment Product Information

"Love Rain-X but hate re-applying it constantly? Annoyed by Rain-X's "haze"? Trico View (formerly Aquapel) rain repelling glass treatment is a substantial improvement over Rain-X. Originally developed for NASA, Trico View is a super-premium, easy-to-apply and long-lasting glass treatment that is effective up to 6 times longer than Rain-X. Glass treatment drastically improves visibility in the rain - both day and night - by turning rain into micro-beads that roll right off the glass. Trico View is different than most over-the-counter glass products which only "coat" the glass; it actually forms a safe chemical bond with the glass which sustains its effectiveness up to 4-6 months rather than 2-4 weeks typical of other glass products. Easy to apply - simply wipe-on & wipe-off. Popular, best seller!"


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