Wiper Blade/Arm Cover Product Information

FreezeEase wiper blade/arm protective covers can extend the life of your wiper blades by providing protection in cold winter climates, as well as in hot sunny climates. Covers must be removed before operating vehicle.

  • In winter, snow & ice regions, FreezeEase prevents frozen wiper blades from bonding to frozen glass eliminating the all-too-common torn wiper blade rubber, bent and broken wiper blades, and bent wiper arms. In addition, wiper performance is improved since clogging and stiffening from ice & snow-pack is prevented. Black covers are recommended for winter, snow & ice use. Covers must be removed before operating vehicle.

  • In summer, sun & heat conditions, FreezeEase provides UV protection from the #1 enemy of windshield wiper blades: direct sunlight & heat. No other elements negatively affect the life of wiper blades more than UV sunlight and heat which essentially dries-out the rubber and plastic wiper components and leads to poor wiper performance and early wiper failure. White covers are recommended for summer sun, heat & UV protection. Covers must be removed before operating vehicle.

Don't be fooled by how simplistic these covers appear - Patent-pending FreezEase are engineered with a highly-specialized non-stick/non-freeze/heat-resistant material. Substantial research, development and product testing led to this space-aged material and ensures that FreezEase will perform properly in extreme cold as well as extreme heat conditions for years. Manufactured by hand in the USA. Covers must be removed before operating vehicle. Click to view snow/ice product demonstration


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